Collection of five newspaper cuttings (one is cut in two, making a total of six parts) relating to the death of Private William Nairn, who was killed in action on 4 July 1918, during World War I. They were probably collected by his family members who posted them: his sister Sarah, mother, brothers Dave & Ted, and wife Eileen. They are likely to have been cut from Victorian newspapers.

Three of the articles are personal notices; the other two are reproductions of a letter from Catholic Chaplain J.P. Gilbert, 15th Battalion, attached to the 60th Battalion, to William's wife. He explains that 'Your gallant husband was killed by a shell in the early morning of the 4th July 1918, during a successful attack on the enemy's position near the town of Morlancourt, between the Ancre and the Somme. Death was instantaneous...'

Physical Description

Collection of five newspaper cuttings. HT 42548.1: rectangular cutting with personal notice printed on one side and advertisement for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum 'Made in Australasia' on the back. HT 42548.2: rectangular cutting in two parts, one small, the other large, reprinting a letter from J.P. Gilbert, Catholic Chaplain, 15th Battalion. The back of the small part has unidentifiable symbols similar to sun rays and medal; the back of the large section has article about the return of 'Anzacs' on furlough. HT 42548.3: rectangular cutting with personal notice printed on one side and section of article on 'customs returns' on back. HT 42548.4: rectangular cutting with personal notice printed on one side and advertisements for pianos on back. HT 42548.5: rectangular cutting reprinting a letter from J.P. Gilbert, Catholic Chaplain, 15th Battalion, on one side and letters to the paper on back.

More Information

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    Home & Community, Public Life & Institutions

  • Place & Date Printed

    Victoria, Australia, Jul 1918

  • Person Commemorated

    Private William (Bill) J. Nairn - Australian Imperial Force (AIF), Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, Jul 1918

  • Inscriptions

    Printed inscriptions as follows: HT 42548.1: 'IN MEMORIAM. / NAIRN.- In loving memory of my dear / brother, Pte. W.J. Nairn, 59th Battalion, / who was killed in action on July 4th, 1918. / No one knows the silent heartache, / Only those can tell, / Who have loved and lost a brother / Without a last farewell. / Inserted by his loving sister, Sarah'. HT 42548.2: First section: 'Mrs. E.M. Nairn, of "Hazledene," / Corio, Geelong, whose husband was / killed in action o July 4th near...' (ends here) Second section: 'Villers-Bretonneux, France, has re- / ceived the following comforting letter / from the deceased soldier's chaplain: / "Long before you receive this let / ter you will, I presume, have been / informed by the military authorities / of the death of your husband, Pte/. / W.J. Nairn...' HT 42548.3: 'NAIRN. - In loving memory of my dear son, / who was killed in action 4th July, 1918. / This day of remembrance to all, / This is a day so sad to recall, / Gone and forgotten by some you may be, / If others forget you, never shall we. / -Inserted by his sorrowing mother / and brothers, Dave and Ted....' HT 42548.4: 'NAIRN. - In memory of my dear son and brother, / Pte. W.J. Nairn, 59th Btn., who was killed in / France on 4th July, 1918. / Time cannot heal my aching heart, / Nor from my memory tear / The face, the form I loved so well, / 'Twill dwell for ever there. / The silent grief that's in my soul / No human eye can trace, / For many a broken heart lies hid / Beneath a smiling face. / -Inserted by his loving mother, brothers and sister.' HT 42548.5: 'THE LATE PTE. W. J. NAIRN. / Extracts from a letter received by Mrs. / E.M. Nairn, Hazledene, Corio, from Chap- / lain Gilbert, concerning her late husband's death...'

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