Stereograph image 'Case of Australian Gold, and Gold Washing Apparatus', a view of the Victorian Gold Display & Panning Demonstration at the London International Exhibition, 1862. The stereograph was produced by London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company.

The London International Exhibition was held in South Kensington, 1 May - 15 November 1862. The exhibition's organizers hoped to surpass the wildly successful 'Crystal Palace' Exhibition of 1851, and certainly more exhibits were displayed from more exhibitors in more countries. It was possibly too ambitious: the architecture of the exhibition was soundly criticized, and the recent death of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria's non-attendance at the opening cast a solemn mood.

Description of Content

Interior view. At the centre of the image is an ornate display cabinet adorned with flags. Three men stand to the back left of the image, and two men to the back right. There are two sets of organ pipes to the back right of the image.

Physical Description

Stereograph adhered to yellow card. The card is slightly concave. The image depicts an ornate fountain in front of a large pinnacle shaped structure, set before a large decorated wheel, mounted to the wall behind.

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