Photocopied plan of the east wing of the melting and coating building. The function of the east wing is to prepare chemical solutions, sensitise and weigh silver nitrate, salts and gelatine. The plan shows the sections of the wing which include the emulsion lab, gel weighting and silver salts weighting. Arrows indicate movement within the wing.

Part of a photographic album produced by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, Coburg, containing approximately 70 black and white 8 x 10 inch photographic prints of the Emulsion Department; plans of the plant; colour photographs of the Emulsion Department management staff and Development and Production Supervision staff.

The album belonged to Ian 'Charlie' Yelland, who worked for Kodak Australasia Emulsion Department for 46 years, retiring in 1978.

Physical Description

A labelled floor plan of a building wing printed on photographic paper. There are two ring binder holes at the top of the paper.

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