Photograph featuring a large roll of x-ray film on the unwind end of the emulsion coating machine in Building 3, Emulsion Coating, at the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd factory, Coburg, circa 1960s.

In the foreground of the photograph, under the roll of film, is the bottom of a 'tiffin' ready to hold the coated film. A tiffin, aka a tin coffin, was a light proof storage box used widely by Kodak around the world for their light sensitive film products. Here the tin bogie or base of the tiffin is seen, which would then have a round cover attached to it, to transport film and paper products safely. (See MM 141396 and MM 144945 for a loaded tiffin being moved.)

This is Slide 153 from the 'Extra Prints of Coburg Lecture' album which contained hundreds of images of the factory and its workers which could be used with a slide presentation titled 'A Look At Kodak Coburg Australia', issued by the Photo Information Services Department at Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, circa 1960s.

Description of Content

X-ray film base on large stainless steel roller with worker in protective overalls and cap visible behind the machinery, looking intently through the mechanisms.

Physical Description

Square colour photograph with white border.

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