Black and white photograph of a large group of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Research Laboratory and electronics staff (chemists and engineers) at a social function somewhere in Melbourne, possibly at Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, in 1951. According to the recollections of former research staff, Joy Sutherland (nee Shattock) and Helen Beesley, there were small social nights held by the department once or twice a year.

Joy Shattock is pictured crouching in front left of group. Joan Gamble (now Piesse) is pictured far left in a patterned skirt. She worked in the physics lab. Betty Coates, Dr Neil Lewis' secretary, is in the centre in a patterned dress, next to Bert Anderson, who is in centre of group, 2nd row, in a dark suit. Bert was a chemist who lived in Geelong and travelled to the factory by train every day. John Beesley in centre back, is smiling broadly. Margaret and John Morrison are also pictured. John was a microchemist and they migrated from Ireland. Also pictured are Sharley Meredith and Miriam Minty.

Description of Content

Large group of men and women, some seated, some crouching, and some standing on chairs at the rear. Many have drinks in their hands. The men wear suits and the women wear dresses and coats.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph, landscape format, with white border.

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