Photograph of a fundraising concert held by Kodak Australasia Limited employees during WWI, probably at the Collingwood or Richmond Town Hall around 1915-1916. It shows performers on a concert stage, orchestra members in the pit, and audience members at a fundraising event

This photograph was donated by Jim McCoy, a former Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd employee. Jim's parents Violet and Bill were also Kodak employees during the company's early period when founding Australian director Thomas Baker was alive. Jim's parents both held senior positions at Kodak.

Jim's parents are in the photograph. Violet Beezley is in the orchestra pit playing violin, thought to be the young woman at far left holding the violin to her chin, while Bill McCoy was MC of the event and is the man in a tuxedo standing on stage at far left.

The donor of this photograph suggested that the event featured in it was organised by the Kodak Girls Club during WWI, circa 1915-16, however the Kodak Girls Club was possibly not established until 1921 so its relationship is not clear to this event.

Violet Beezley was born in 1891. She married William (Bill) McCoy in 1923. The couple met when they both worked at the Kodak Australasia factory in Abbotsford. Violet started out in the Film Department making the first roll film and ultimately became the Senior Forelady who managed the girls in film and paper production. She was with Kodak for 19 years, from about 1905, when she was a young 14 year old girl, until 1923. She apparently helped to establish the Kodak Girls Club in 1921.

Bill McCoy joined Kodak in 1902 when he returned from the Boer War, and was with the company for 42 years. He died in 1943.

Violet's father, Frederick Beezley, also did work for Kodak. He was a cartage contractor to Kodak, delivering products.

Description of Content

Concert stage with several rows of men and women in costume on stage and musicians in orchestra pit, Several performers are draped in national flags (Australian flag and Union Jack). There is a painted backdrop and pot plants arranged at side stage.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph; landscape format, mounted on cream cardboard.

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