Colour photograph of four Kodak research department employees at the end of completing 'Roy Jeffrey's 10km Kodak Challenge', a running event held on 07 February 1989. They are putting their hands in together in a circle. Pictured, second from right: Ron Litjens.

The Challenge appears to have been held at the Coburg Harriers Athletics Club, which was based at the Harold Stevens Athletic Field, at Jackson Reserve on Outlook Road in East Coburg.

This is one of many photographs in an album of research department events circa 1988-1989.

Description of Content

Four men standing in semi-circle on athletics track, with their hands in together. Man in red singlet in centre, and man in pale blue shirt at right hold cups of water. Other people are on the track and the oval behind them.

Physical Description

Colour photograph, landscape format. Originally on page thirty-two of a photograph album.

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