Alternative Name(s): Wrist Watch, Wristwatch

Watch on leather band presented to MacRobertson Pty Ltd employee John Henry Baker on 3 November 1941. Baker, aged 21, was leaving to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II. He was also given copies of 'A Young Man and a Nail Can' and 'MacRobertson Abroad', both written by company founder Macpherson Robertson and bearing his signature. Baker worked in the Accounts Branch of MacRobertson's from 1937 to 1941 as an office clerk. After serving as a pilot in World War II he completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne under the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (CRTS), married and became a French teacher in Victorian high schools.

Physical Description

Wrist watch with circular face and worn leather band with metal buckle. Verdigree on back of strap near watch face.

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