Letter of employment from the Commonwealth Employment Service to Wasyl Krechkiwsky, adressed to the Immigration Reception and Training Centre, Bathurst, New South Wales, 30 November, 1948. The letter confirms Wasyl's employment by the Department of Public Works, Hobart, Tasmania as a labourer in Zeehan. The reverse side outlines his travel arrangements by train from Bathurst to Sydney to Albury to Melbourne, and then steamer to Tasmania.

Wasyl Krechkiwsky was born in Ukraine in 1923 and after years spent in a German labour camp during World War II and then in German training camps after the War where he undertook training in motor mechanics, he migrated to Australia in 1948. Wasyl was employed at the silver-lead mines at Zeehan in Tasmania and from the1950s he worked for General Motors Holden and possibly later Nissan in Dandenong where he lived. A photograph of Wasyl behind the counter of a milk bar also suggests he owned and/or worked in a milk bar sometime during the 1950s.

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