Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd executive Edgar Rouse, with his wife Mary Constance (aka "Muff") onboard a ship, circa 1925-1928.

It is unclear exactly when this photograph was taken. It may have been taken on a ship while travelling between Australian cities, however, the likely possibility is that this photograph shows Edgar and Muff leaving Australia by the ship 'Osterley' for England in April 1928, either in Sydney or at a stop in Perth. They were embarking on a world trip, and after 9 months away the couple sailed back to Sydney via America on the 'Niagara', arriving home on 8 December 1928.

Edgar Rouse became a Kodak managing director in late 1928, then in 1938, after his father John Joseph (JJ) Rouse died, Edgar became sole managing director of Kodak Australasia, succeeding his father, who had been a co-founder of Baker & Rouse and a founding managing director of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd.

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Man and woman in formal outfits standing on deck of ship. Man is wearing a 3 piece suit and holding a cigarette while the woman is wearing a skirt and jacket, fur coat, necklace and hat.

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Digital file. Digital copy of an original photograph which was sepia toned, portrait orientation with white border, and mounted in an album.

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    Kodak Heritage Collection

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    Images & Image Making, Home & Community

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    Mr Edgar J. Rouse - Kodak (Australasia) Pty. Ltd., 1925-1928
    This photo may be the couple departing Sydney for England, or at Perth enroute to England, on the Osterley. Photographs were often taken onboard the ship before departure as it was such a momentous occasion. It is unlikely to be on their homeward bound journey, as newspaper photographs of Edgar and Muff Rouse on board the Niagara on their return to Sydney from America in 1928 shows them in different clothes. See Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Monday 10 December 1928, page 8 or Sun (Sydney), Saturday 8 December 1928, page 1. There is also a possibility that the image may have been taken on a ship taking them to an Australian city instead of a world trip. The couple moved from Sydney to Perth in June 1924, (when Edgar became manager of Kodak's Perth branch until December 1926) so this image could be on board a ship taking them there or their return to Sydney.

  • Person Depicted

    Mrs Mary C. Rouse, 1925-1928

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    Rouse, Edgar; Rouse, Mary Constance (Muff)

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    Digital Photograph, Sepia

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    Domestic life, Residential buildings, Exteriors

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    History & Technology

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