Replica of a souvenir print presented to John Joseph (JJ) Rouse by the President of the Photographic Association of Victoria, Alfred Marks, on November 7th, 1917.

The souvenir features an image of JJ Rouse, co-founder of Baker & Rouse Pty Ltd and later a founding managing director of Kodak Australasia, seated at a chair smoking a cigar, the smoke from which is filled with a collage of portraits of Photographic Association members.

Description of Content

Print of man smoking cigar, the smoke of which is filled with photographs of 47 men's faces. The man is sitting on an armchair at a table with books and an ashtray. The image is printed portrait format on single sheet of paper with caption underneath.

Physical Description

Digital file. Original object was a monochrome print, portrait format. Photograph is printed in a brown tone.

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