John Joseph (JJ) Rouse with a group of men and a boy at a formal occasion.

John Joseph (JJ) Rouse was a co-founder of Baker & Rouse photographic company and later was founding managing director of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd. He is pictured in the centre of the front row in this image.

The men in the portrait are likely to be family members or friends at a wedding or other formal occasion. Several of the men including Rouse are wearing flower corsages and all members of the group are wearing formal wear, and most are wearing top hats or have them nearby. JJ Rouse attended various society weddings and events as a popular guest so it is possible that this photograph shows him at one of these events.

However, it is possible that the men are not family but members of a Photographic Society. None of the men resemble early Baker & Rouse staff.

Description of Content

Group of men and one male child posing on a lawn next to a tennis court. Men, both seated and standing, are in formal attire with suit coats and top hats, and several have flower corsages on their suits. Several men hold cigars.

Physical Description

Digital file. Digital copy of an original photograph which was a sepia monochrome print, portrait format, mounted on brown board.

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