John Joseph (JJ) Rouse speaking with a press photographer at the launch of the 'Rouseabout' Avro-Avian plane G-AUHK on the 07 July 1928 in the Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney.

JJ Rouse is in the middle, while a Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd employee, possibly Fred E Manning, is at left and photographer at right, with another in the right background.

This plane was donated by JJ Rouse to the Australian Aero Club in New South Wales. According to media sources at the time, the first official flight of the Rouseabout was piloted by Squadron Leader (Charles) Kingsford-Smith, and Rouse's married daughter Winifred Crane was passenger. Mr Rouse gave a speech and his wife Anna Rouse christened the plane with a bottle of Australian wine.

John Joseph (JJ) Rouse was a co-founder of Baker & Rouse and later was a founding managing director of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd.

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Three men gathered outside in suits, coats and hats. One man holds a Graflex style camera, and another man in the background also holds a camera. Biplane parked in background.

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Digital file. Digital copy of an original photograph. Original photograph was black and white, portrait orientation, with white border.

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