Postcard belonging to Michael Ward. Sent to Barney - Michael Ward's nickname - from Eva. The front of the postcard has a boomerang shape at the top, with a Kookaburra in the middle of it, and the words "Sweet Memories". An outline of Australia sits below the boomerang and has "Good luck and safe return" printed on it. On the back is the message "To Dear Barney, From your lonely girl, Eva" and it is dated 30/11/17.

Found within a Fire Insurance Policy envelope along with various documents. The envelope was contained within a small suitcase of belongings from World War I veteran Private Michael Ward (HT 48377). Ward, service no. 4138, was an unmarried 26-year-old farm labourer born in Eddington, Victoria, when he enlisted to serve in World War I on 26 April (attestation 21 March) 1916. He served in the 29th and later the 38th Battalions, and was wounded in knees and hand on 15 April 1918, at Buire in the Somme region of France. He was sent to England for treatment and returned to Australia in late 1918. His discharge from service was delayed until 20 February 1921 because he was still undergoing treatment for war wounds. Michael Ward lived to 72 years of age.

Physical Description

Rectangular cardboard postcard with a boomerang shape made of brown leather adhered to it. The words "Sweet Memories" have been inscribed into the leather either side of a kookaburra relief that is adhered to the boomerang. A piece of paper cut into the shape of Australia sits below the boomerang and has "Good Luck and Safe Return" printed on it. On the back is a handwritten message. Upper edge is torn and folded.

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