Audio interview with Doug Kite by Liza Dale-Hallett and Professor Gini Lee at his home in Ringwood on 19 May 2016.

This interview is part of the Doug Kite Leather Braiding Collection which consists of handmade leather braided products, hand tools and works in progress made by Doug Kite from 1984 to 2016. The Collection also includes oral histories, video and photographs. The Collection was featured on the ABC Landline program on 7 August 2016.

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In this interview Doug talks about: nearly perishing at Mundowdna Station, water springs, Clayton's bore, capping bores, Lake Harry and date palms, Muloorina Station, Doug's father's 149 donkey team, Doug's father's work as a dam sinker, frogs, water tank, rarity of washing, supervising the move of camels from Maree to Melbourne, Witchelina Station, sheep and their response to heat and water, 1930 dust storms, rabbit plague, Clifton Hills Station, Claude and Doug Oldfield, R.M. Williams, drover's pay, bringing part of the outback to Melbourne, links with the Clerk of the Course at Flemington Racecourse, The Devil's Table, pet donkey, wells, 1974 flood, snakes in wells, his father's old Chev truck, working with Aboriginal people, dingoes, memories of Aboriginal people in chains, Leigh Creek coalmine, the Afghans in Maree, Doug's work with horses, the impact of rain on the land, Lake Torrens, Nilpena Station, buck bush, working with camels, Beltana Station, typical drover's food, scooping sand off the railway tracks.

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