Lady's Season Ticket, No. 29, for the Melbourne International Exhibition (MIE) issued to Miss Lilly Warburton. The ticket grants the bearer entry to the exhibition during all hours of general admission after 2pm on 1st October 1880; the exhibition closed after seven months on 30 April 1881. The Melbourne International Exhibition was a focal point for Melbourne's social life with over 1,330,000 people attending the exhibition: over four times the population of Melbourne at the time. There were 203 Lady's season tickets sold during the MIE at a cost of £2, 2s each.

Miss Martha Lilly Warburton was aged 17 at the time of the MIE, she was the youngest daughter of Martha Warburton and the late Thomas Warburton. The Warburton family owned and managed a Iron & Zinc Spouting Works in Bourke Street. In 1884 Lilly exhibited fancy-work at the Victorian Intercolonial Exhibition. She married Frank Wood in 1890, aged 27, and passed away in January 1922.

Physical Description

Season ticket printed in blue on white card. The reverse has a photograph of the ticket holder along with their signature.

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