View of the main Exhibition Building from the south-east near Nicholson Street at the time of the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition held at the Exhibition Buildings, between 1 October 1880 and 30 April 1881.

Although the Exhibition Building itself had only been recently constructed, the foundation stone being laid in February 1879, the gardens themselves include more mature plants that were part of the original garden layout established by Edward LaTrobe Bateman in the mid 1850s. Nonetheless, the gardens immediately south of the Exhibition Building were relaid for the 1880 Exhibition, and the parterra garden beds along the edge of the ornamental lake show relatively new planting.

This is one of seventy-six photographs in a photograph album. Twenty-six photographs are of the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition. The photographs provide us with important visual evidence about the gardens around the Exhibition Building, and interior exhibits, including detailed images of the British Art Court, the ceramic and pottery exhibits in the Main Hall, and the appearance of the Avenue of Nations. The photographs are taken from glass plates and retain an excellent level of clarity and detail.

The album also contains a number of photographs in the 'Frith's Series', taken by British photographer Francis Frith, or members of his staff, of Gibraltar, and villages and towns in Britain.

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View of the Exhibition Building looking north-west from Nicholson Street taken at the time of the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition. The original ornamental lake is visible in the foreground.

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Monochrome, landscape format, photograph.

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