Handmade tie-dyed skirt designed by Jenny Bannister when she was 13 or 14 at Red Cliffs High School in North West Victoria, 1968.

Jenny was sewing regularly at school and also making clothes at home for herself, her mini skirt style influenced by Mary Quant and Prue Acton. She would dye her fabrics on the gas top stove in her family kitchen and sew on the kitchen table. Due to the shortness of this skirt, her mother forbade her from wearing it, and threatened to burn it. Jenny found out later that she instead hid it away, where it was found years later.

Jenny reflected in 2020: "The miniskirt I was making on the kitchen table, (Mum) said: 'You're not wearing that. You're just not wearing that.' And she confiscated it and my ballet pointe shoes and she put them in the incinerator to burn them. But she never did burn them, we found the skirt in my Mother's hoardings, after she died! Mum wanted me to be pearls and twin set. Well, I was never going to be pearls and twin set!"

Physical Description

Black mini skirt with three tie-dyed green rings.

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