Clothing ration card '1945-46 Issue', issued to Amelia Roberts by the Federal Government. Amelia Roberts (nee Lynch) migrated from England to Australia in 1924. She married Frederick Roberts in 1926 and the couple later settled in Seymour, Victoria.

Rationing of a range of goods was introduced by the Australian Government in response to the shortages caused by World War II. Clothing rationing was enacted on 12 June 1942 and limited each person to 112 coupons per year. It was abolished 24 June 1948.

Physical Description

Pink coloured paper with black printed text and handwritten inscriptions in blue ink. Coupons have been cut off.


This collection of documents relates to the migration and settlement experiences of two English migrants, Amelia Lynch and Frederick Roberts. They migrated separately to Victoria during the 1920s, and subsequently married, worked and lived in Seymour, Victoria. Amelia left England in April 1924 aged 29, and Frederick Roberts in the December of 1924 aged 22. The couple married in 1926.
The collection includes documents brought from England, as well as items collated whilst in Australia.
Of particular interest are the set of receipts for ship fare repayment, indicating a loans system during the 1920s for unassisted British migrants. A set of broadcast listener's licences from the 1940s and 1950s are also of note for how they reflect a time when domestic communications were highly regulated.

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    Politics & Society, Migration & Cultural Diversity, Home & Community

  • Issued To

    Mrs Amelia Roberts, Australia, 1945

  • Inscriptions

    (Front) "Preserve this card carefully by keeping it in an envelope or other suitable holder. / No. V. A 54862 / COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. / CLOTHING / RATION CARD / 1945-6 ISSUE / Rg. D.2. See directions for use on other side. / Name Amelia Roberts / Address Avenel Rd., / Seymour / Civilian Identity No. / or Alien / Registration No. V8 F 24280 / PARTICULARS OF SUPPLEMENTARY ISSUES/ Ration Book or Sheet No. / Date of Issue / Nature of Issue" (Reverse) "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA / CLOTHING RATION CARD / DIRECTIONS FOR USE / 1. As soon as you receive this Clothing Ration Card, sign / your usual signature and insert the date of receipt in the space / provided below. This may assist in identification if the / Clothing Card is lost. / 2. When obtaining coupon goods you must hand your Clothing / Ration Card to the shopkeeper, who will cut out the / appropriate number of coupons in your presence. Loose / coupons must not be tendered or accepted except as provided / in paragraph 3. / 3. When ordering goods by post do not send your Clothing / Card. Cut off the required number of coupons, sign your name / and quote the Card No. on the back, and send the coupons with your order. / 4. The pages of Y and Z coupons must not be detached from / the middle section of the card bearing particulars of name, &c. / Coupons from these pages so detached cannot be accepted by traders. / 5. Keep this card carefully. It will be difficult to replace / it. If the card is lost or destroyed, report the matter at once / to the Deputy Director of Rationing for the State. / 6. It is an offence to deface or alter any part of this card or / remove any coupon except in accordance with Orders or directions of the Commission. / 7. If you join the Services this card and your Food Ration / Book must be surrendered at the time of enrolment. / 8. If you leave Australia (or Australian Territory) this Card / and your Food Ration Book must be surrendered to the Customs Boarding Officer. / 9. Any person having possession of the Clothing Ration Card / or Food Ration Book of any deceased person must surrender it / to the Registrar either personally or through agency of the / person registering the death. / 10. All inquiries and comments regarding rationing should be / addressed to--- / THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF RATIONING, / CAVENDISH HOUSE/ 159 FLINDERS LANE, MELBOURNE./ Signature of Holder ...../"

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    Military history, Civilian life, Rationing

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    History & Technology

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    233 mm (Width), 199 mm (Height)

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    Ration Coupons, Rationing, World War II, 1939-1945, Rural Victoria, Rural Life, English Immigration, British Immigration