Wash Stand in Huon pine and blackwood which was part of a bedroom suite made by Melbourne firm W. H. Rocke & Co. for the Melbourne International Exhibition held at the (Royal) Exhibition Building from 1880-1881. W. H. Rocke & Co. was colonial Victoria's largest, most successful and profitable furniture manufacturers and agents. At the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition W. H. Rocke & Co. dominated Victoria's display on the Avenue of Nations. Under the design eye of John Mather (the Exhibition Building's interior designer), the company created a 31 ft2 bedroom with Huon pine and blackwood parquetry flooring, turquoise and silver sateen wallpaper and curtains, and a bedroom suite manufactured by local craftsmen from local timbers. Around the outside of room were raised platforms on which were displayed furniture for a dining room and drawing room, and another bedroom suite.

Physical Description

Wash stand made of blackwood and Huon pine with a white and grey marble top. The washstand is inlaid with ebony and holly and has carved blackwood and Huon pine decoration. There are three drawers along the top of the washstand, two smaller ones at each side and one longer one in the centre. On each side is a cupboard with a door decorated to look like four drawers. The left cupboard has a single shelf, while the right has none. There is an ink manufacturer's mark and pencil inscription on rear face of top right drawer.

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