Booklet entitled 'Immigration Control or Colour Bar?', published by the Immigration Reform Group, Melbourne in 1960. It is subtitled 'A proposal for change in Australia's immigration policy.' This is the original pamphlet version of the subsequent book verions published in 1962.

One of a collection of 13 books, booklets and pamphlets produced during a key period in the history of post World War II immigration policy reform. The material represents the Immigration Reform Group, the Victorian Association for Immigration Reform, the Federal Department of Immigration and UNESCO. The donor was an active member of the Immigration Reform Group.

Physical Description

54 page booklet, soft orange cover with black print.


Statement of Historical Significance:
This collection documents the movement which advocated for the end of the White Australia policy and the evolution of multiculturalism by key groups such as the Immigration Reform Group which formed at the University of Melbourne during the 1950s. The Museum holds a growing collection of material relating to the evolution of Australian immigration policy, documenting the case made for ending the White Australia Policy from the 1950s and the evolution of multiculturalism as one of the central social policies from the 1970s.

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