Colour photograph of Dominic De Marco marching in the Anzac Day Parade, Melbourne, 2007.

The De Marco Brothers were manufacturers and installation specialists of mosaic, terrazzo, ironite and granolithic flooring. Established by Italian brothers Severino and Annibale De Marco who migrated to Australia in the early 1900s, the De Marco Brothers business operated in Melbourne from circa 1914 until circa 1955. They made contributions to many prominent Melbourne building projects including the Myer Emporium (Myers), the T & G Building and the Hotel Australia. The family terrazzo business is currently represented in the Museums Victoria collection by a series of terrazzo samples and stone fragments.

Physical Description

Colour photograph


Statement of Historical Significance:
Italian brothers Annibale and Severino De Marco migrated to Australia in the early 1900s from Italy via England. Together they established the De Marco Brothers Terrazzo Granolithic and Concrete in Melbourne, Victoria circa 1914. Advertising as specialists in mosaic, terrazzo, Ironite, Florite, granolithic and concrete flooring, they maintained business through two world wars and the Great Depression - their wide range of services providing them with scope to work on large scale projects when times were good and smaller jobs when the going was tough. Their terrazzo and mosaic work is still in place throughout Australia, represented in the collection by terrazzo samples and stone fragments.

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