Cardboard box containing a two-dimensional working cardboard model of a four-stroke, or "Otto" cycle horizontal gas engine. Created by Thomas and T. Gilbert Jones and printed by John Heywood, Manchester, England, circa 1900s-1920s. It is No 4 of of Jones and Jones' 'X Series' of 6 cardboard models which were were primarily produced for engineering students to understand exactly how an engine would function. The full set consisted of: 1-3 were steam engines, model 4 was a gas engine and models 5 and 6 were diesel engines. Each model was accompanied by explanatory notes.

This model was used by the Castlemaine School of Mines and Industries.

Physical Description

A cardboard clam shell style box covered with black paper and with printed labels in black ink adhered to the obverse and the inside. The box shows signs of damage to the corners, the folds, and the label on the obverse. The cardboard model consists of a rectangular piece of card with parts cut-out, and other pieces of card attached with eyelets, pins and adhesive. The model has drawings and text printed in black, pink, yellow, green and grey ink.

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