The Heliopolis Palace Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, was the location of No. 1 Australian General Hospital (1AGH) from January 1915, during World War I. It was close to Cairo Luna Park, and the hospital progressively expanded to use the Luna Park buildings during 1915 and 1916. Additional local buildings were also used as casualties increased. 1AGH moved to France in March 1916. Heliopolis is a now a north-eastern suburb of Cairo.

Photograph from an album compiled by Sister Selina Lily (Lil) Mackenzie, documenting life as an Australian nurse during World War I. Lil nursed at the 1st Australian General Hospital (AGH) from October 1915 to January 1917. The 1st AGH was located in the Heliopolis Palace Hotel on the north-eastern edge of Cairo.

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View across amusement park from high vantage point. Eclectic buildings visible, including a tower with castellations on right and a pointed tower roof on left. A structure in the background is likely to be a scenic railway or roller coaster. Urban development visible in distance.

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Black and white photograph on paper in a blue, cloth-bound album.

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