This decorative button or badge was collected during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Melbourne in 2020. It references the toilet paper panic buying that was happening around the world.

From Australia to Asia, Europe to the USA, consumers stockpiled toilet paper in response to the fear and uncertainty about the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic would bring. The panic buying blitz led to widespread stock shortages, leaving many consumers without this household staple for several months in early 2020 and manufacturers working around the clock to keep up with demand.

The button was made by Button Brat, who described the button as a "Funny toilet paper badge. There may be a pandemic going on but that's no reason to panic buy bog roll! There's enough for us all!"

Button Brat is based in Ballarat, Victoria. The company was founded in 2003 in Melbourne, where it operated until it moved to its new regional home in 2020.

Physical Description

Round metal badge with outline of a roll of toilet paper on the front and the words 'DON'T PANIC!' below. Both are in black on a white background.

More Information