Full colour glossy A4 paper promoting Glenroy Bakery's new home delivery service.

On the front is a statement about how the founder Antonio Cristiano sold bread door to door and now the bakery is reintroducing home delivery. The back lists products under headings: Bread, Grocery, Eggs, Cheese & Yoghurt, Savoury Products, Family Size, Cakes, and Gluten Free, as well as offering Pasta and Sauce soon.
Orders could be made via their website or over the phone. The minimum order was $50.00 and a delivery fee applied.

With the introduction of the lock down, many customers didn't want to venture into shops to purchase food and instead turned to online ordering and home delivery. Many shops responded to this as well as expanding their regular range of products to increase visitation.

Physical Description

Full colour glossy A4 paper folded in three. The front features a black and white photo of three workers. The back as eight colour photos of products at the top.

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