One of a series of photographs documenting the modification and adaptation of home spaces for work, study and leisure during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Ruth Hazleton and her family have their home set up for two people working day jobs, a school space for their son, and spaces for music rehearsal and online broadcasts. Ruth is a children's play and folklore specialist and a musician. Bill is a musician, and has managed to record most of an album while in lockdown. Their son is a primary school student. The photographs include activites such as baking and play.

The photographs were taken by Museums Victoria photographer Jon Augier, part of a project to document the experiences of Victorians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruth explains: 'These images show the student (C, aged 9) making paper cut-out fish for art class during school at home. For us, school has comprised of daily math, reading and writing lessons and weekly art, music, PE and inquiry subjects. Almost every day, C has been able to meet his class and teacher via online meetings. Once a week, he has also participated in a class online reading group and done piano lessons. All assessable work has been photographed each day and submitted via Compass (a commonly used school management system). C has even had the opportunity to join a weekly social meeting online for the junior school and attend school assembly each Friday afternoon.

'I work from home part-time for one of our national cultural institutions, so my work spaces are very flexible. I often work at the dining table where these pictures were taken. We've adapted the dining table space for school by moving some shelves into the room and setting up the table as a daily work space.'

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Young boy with scissors seated at a table.

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