One of a series of photographs documenting the modification and adaptation of home spaces for work, study and leisure during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Ruth Hazleton and her family have their home set up for two people working day jobs, a school space for their son, and spaces for music rehearsal and online broadcasts. Ruth is a children's play and folklore specialist and a musician. Bill is a musician, and has managed to record most of an album while in lockdown. Their son is a primary school student. The photographs include activites such as baking and play.

The photographs were taken by Museums Victoria photographer Jon Augier, part of a project to document the experiences of Victorians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruth explains: 'These images show the space I created in lockdown for my own work; both musical and contract work. Its been very important for us all to have our own designated space we can use when we'd like some quiet time. There's been general acknowledgement in the media of the enormous role that women have played domestically during this time. I have certainly found it hard to juggle the organisation of the household, my own work, creativity, school at home and parenting. For this reason, we re-purposed the spare room as my personal space; mum's shed.

'As well as a space for mum, this room has become our room for recording and broadcasting music videos. As online concerts have become more and more popular, we've both ventured into this arena on a number of occasions (from performing a full hour set to just a few songs or a single music video). It's been a fantastic way to engage our audiences and interact with our wider community, as well as a worthwhile opportunity to derive a small income. As you can see in these images, the room has been decorated with lights and pictures to enhance the online visual experience. Despite owning some sophisticated sound equipment we've also found using an iPhone the simplest and most effective way of broadcasting in terms of both sound and visuals. Technology has played such a fundamental for all of us during this pandemic. From the various online meeting platforms to live broadcast platforms, we've all learned a lot!

'The experience of performing in front of a smart phone or computer is a really strange one. Nothing will ever replace the interaction of the performer and their audience, but for now it will have to do. We interact with the audience in the comments and that has become a joyful exchange.'

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Woman playing bass.

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