One of a series of photographs documenting the modification and adaptation of home spaces for work, study and leisure during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Ruth Hazleton and her family have their home set up for two people working day jobs, a school space for their son, and spaces for music rehearsal and online broadcasts. Ruth is a children's play and folklore specialist and a musician. Bill is a musician, and has managed to record most of an album while in lockdown. Their son is a primary school student. The photographs include activites such as baking and play.

The photographs were taken by Museums Victoria photographer Jon Augier, part of a project to document the experiences of Victorians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruth explains: 'This is our core family sitting in the loungeroom, including our dog, Evie. Every day since we began isolating, we visit the local oval space to get some exercise, play soccer and let the dog have a run. During lockdown, our lounge room has been our iPad space, TV and movie space, puzzle space, LEGO building space and the room we most often gather in as a family after days of school and work.'

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Mother, father, son and brown dog sitting on brown couch.

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Born Digital Image.

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