Close-up image of 'Please Pack Your Bags Brought From Home' notice posted on a shelf of nappies at Blackburn South Woolworths supermarket, 18 May 2020.

Notice states 'To help maintain social distancing, we may ask that you pack any bags you have brought from home. If you have purchased new bags today, our team will be happy to pack them for you.' It also includes two illustrations. One is of a shopping bag being packed, while the other is of two people with a shopping trolley in between them, showing the recommended 1.5 m distance.

This photograph was taken during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Melbourne in 2020. It references the public health strategies that were in place to reduce the risk of infection with the virus for staff and customers. These strategies included social distancing as a key measure, and hand hygiene. Asking customers to pack their own bags from home was designed to minimise spreading the virus.

Description of Content

Yellow and black notice on a shelf with packets of nappies adjacent to it.

Physical Description

Digital colour photograph.

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