Customers using self-serve checkouts with perspex screens at Woolworths, Canterbury Rd, Blackburn South, on 25 May 2020.

The screens were installed as a new public health strategy to help protect customers and staff from potential COVID-19 infection. The screens were installed in the week before the photograph was taken. Prior to the screens being used, every second checkout was closed to help socially distance customers. Man at far right is wearing a face-mask, also to prevent infection. Face-masks at this time were not recommended and had not been made mandatory yet by the Victorian government, and few people chose to use them.

This photograph was taken during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Melbourne in 2020. It references the public health strategies that were in place to reduce the risk of infection with the virus for staff and customers. These strategies included social distancing as a key measure, perspex safety screens, cashless payment, home delivery and hand hygiene.

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Customers using self-serve checkouts at a supermarket. Perspex screens are separating the checkout stations. Man at far right is wearing a face-mask. A staff member monitors the customers.

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Digital colour photograph.

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