White cotton T-Shirt with a colour screen print of the Australian Aboriginal flag, manufactured by Fire Fox, Australia, for the Australian Bicentenary in 1988. This t-shirt was produced as part of the campaign organised by Indigenous Australians in protest at the celebration of the bicentenary. On 26 January 1988, more than 40,000 people, including Aborigines from across the country and non-Indigenous supporters, staged the largest march in Sydney since the Vietnam moratorium. The long march for justice, freedom and hope protested the invasion of Australia and its re-enactment and celebration 200 years later. This Indigenous protest over the "celebration of a nation" instigated public debate concerning white and indigenous Australian history, the position of Aborigines in contemporary society and the possibilities of land rights and reconciliation in the future.

Physical Description

White cotton T-Shirt with a colour screen print of a the Australian Aboriginal flag (rectangle with black top half, red lower half and yellow circle in the centre). The T-Shirt has black text on the back and front.

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