This shirt was designed and manufactured in Melbourne by Prue Acton P/L circa 1987. According to the donor, it was originally worn with a matching shirt, jumper and coat. The look was inspired by Prue Acton seeing English singer David Bowie in a pale blue suit. The colours were typical of the time, but half-tones in pastel (such as this blue/grey, described by the donor as Ice Blue) were an innovation.

Physical Description

Woman's long-sleeved silk shirt in pale blue/grey.Fabric is shiny on one side and matt on the other, so as the shirt consists of some panels reversed, there is a two-tone effect.. Collar and large cuffs show the shiny side, whilst the back is all matt. Front is fastened with seven concealed plastic buttons, and three hook-and-eyes. The shirt has shoulder pads, and 5 fabric labels sewn into the back collar.

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