Turkish wall hanging. It is one of a series of six quilted wall hangings, which were made by migrant women in 1987 at the Migrant Women's Learning Centre at Collingwood TAFE (now Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE). The wall hangings represent images of life of migrant women in their countries of origin.

The project to create these wall hangings brought together migrant women of many backgrounds, to create an artwork which illustrates six of these backgrounds. The images used in the panels reflect the memories that these women have brought with them to Australia, and the images that they associate with their lives in their countries of origin.

Physical Description

Quilted wall hanging with various materials sewn to it to portray a Turkish scene. Pictured is a large cream building with a red roof. In the windows are images of people engaging in various activities and dressed in different costumes. Behind the building is a mosque with green domes and tall spires. In the foreground is female wearing what appears to be a traditional costume. She is standing next to a fountain. The wall hanging is framed by a navy blue boarder.

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