Promotional t-shirt for Isol-Aid festival, pink and orange font, designed by Sebastian White,

Isol-Aid festival was conceived in response to the impact of pandemic restrictions on the Australian music community. The cancelling of events and closure of music venues due to social distancing requirements implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Australia, has had a devastating financial and social impact on the Victorian music community. Performing artists and music workers have lost income and career opportunties through the cancellation of performance bookings, national and international tours, recording studio bookings and residencies.

The festival arose initally to raise funds for Support Act, "Australia's only not-for-profit organisation to provide relief for musicians and music industry workers facing physical or mental health issues, or financial hardship", and to connect artists and audiences through an online performance experience. Later iterations of the festival have included an option to donate directlly to " the Isol-Aid artists and their teams" (I accessed 24 June 2020).

Physical Description

Black cotton t-shirt 'Isol-Aid' printed in large decorative font across the front in pale pink with orange drop shadow.

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