The jacket was made by Ballantynes for horse trainer Harry Telford, using the colours red, black and white. They were used by jockeys riding the champion race horse Phar Lap from his first race in 1929 until his last in late 1930, as in February 1931 Telford's lease of Phar Lap ran out. As his owner David Davis then sold a half share to Telford, Phar Lap was from then on run under the Davis/Telford partnership colours, which had red and green hoops on the sleeve and a black cap.

These colours were also used by Telford on subsequent horses he trained and owned. It was retained by the Telford family, and was amongst a number of items donated to the museum by them in the 1990s.

Physical Description

Small adult male jacket constructed from red, white and black silk. There are five self cover buttons along the front of the jacket, and one on each cuff. It has a mandarin collar around the top, with a red silk handing loop sewn inside the back. There is a printed label located at the bottom of the inside of the right front panel. The jacket appeared to be machine stitched.

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