This digital photograph is one of a series of images taken by Melbourne-based psychologist and artist Myra Holmes during the COVID-19 pandemic. It depicts a teddy bear hanging in a tree.

As the State of Victoria went into its first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, teddy bears and soft toys began to appear in household windows to entertain children and lift community spirits. Inspired by the popular children's book, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, children in Victoria - and worldwide - were encouraged to walk their neighbourhoods looking for teddy bears.

In the Melbourne suburb of Northcote, Myra Holmes began to photograph these teddy bears as she walked her dog Colby. 'Discovering these teddies was a heart-warming sight, even as an adult', recalls Myra: 'It seemed they were each saying a quiet and friendly hello to those passing by and reaching out with the message that although we were strangers, we were also part of a community and together during this challenging time.'

For Myra, the personal challenges of lockdown and isolation were compounded due to an unexpected medical dilemma: 'During lockdown I had the frightening experience of losing sight in one eye and even after surgery I could not see very well and had difficulties driving and working from home.' With her vision impaired, Myra utilised her camera's automatic focus settings and found that photographing teddies became a 'welcome relief' and part of her own healing process: 'it gave me a reason to explore the streets in my neighborhood, which made me feel more connected to my local community at a difficult time.'
Over weeks and months Myra ended up photographing hundreds of teddy bears. 'Each one seemed to tell its own story', she recalls, 'many were very cute, others worn and much loved and some very cheeky. They gave me joy, and I'm sure they lifted the spirits of many other children, and adults alike, who were in need of some hope and optimism.'

This digital photograph is one of 14 photographs that were taken by Myra Holmes and acquired into Museums Victoria's Collecting the Curve Collection in early 2020. These photographs provide a lasting reminder of the creative ways that community members banded together to lift neighbourhood spirits and support one another through difficult times.

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A teddy bear hanging in a tree.

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