Two-page hand-written letter, written by Thomasina Tye to her cousin Arthur Tye in Australia in 1928. The letter is a plea from Thomasina, who was living in Birmingham, England, for her cousins in Australia to act as nominators or guarantors for her to migrate to Australia. Her letter has a tone of desperation; it is apparent it is not the first time she has written to her three cousins for assistance (she refers to a letter in July; this letter is dated end November). She writes that she will repay any cost, not only financial but in any other assistance to Arthur and his family. She states she has submitted papers (presumably application forms) but obviously the authorities will not process them until she has a nominor. It also appears she is under some pressure to leave where she is. She is obviously determined ('destined' she calls it) to come to Australia. It has not yet been determined whether Thomasina was successful in her application.

Physical Description

Two page letter handwritten on lined writing paper. Paper discoloured.

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