Money box manufactured for Bester's Sweets, circa 1954. The box features Queen Elizabeth II holding a bouquet on one side whilst the other side features Queen Elizabeth with her young son, Prince Charles.

Physical Description

Painted, tin money box with lid; piece of paper found inside. Rectangular money box with light yellow background and a different illustration and inscription on each side. The theme is Queen Elizabeth. On one side, a young Queen Elizabeth is with a young boy, Prince Charles. They are framed by a window. She is wearing a light blue suit with a brooch on the lapel and a string of pearls around her neck. The illustration of the Queen on the opposite side is more formal. She has on a tiara and a white fur and is holding a large bunch of flowers. The background is brown. Both side panels are inscribed. The lid is rectangular and painted light yellow. There is a money slot in the centre with printed text around it. Inside the money box is a folded piece of lined paper with handwriting on either side.

More Information