Roll of crepe toilet paper in original packaging. Made by AJD, 'An Ajax Production'.

'Medico crepe toilet tissue' was advertised Australian newspapers in September 1945, just after the end of World War II, and into the 1950s. Its labelling and promotion indicated it was 'suitable for septic tanks'.

Physical Description

Roll of crepe toilet paper in original packaging. Packaging has blue background, with red and white text and images.


Reason for Acquisition: Perhaps the ultimate in the ephemeral, remarkably little 'historic' toilet paper has survived. Clearly, however, the product has been an essential component of daily life in Australia for many years and therefore these rolls deserve a place in the Domestic Life collection. The emphasis on the packaging to link the product with hygiene indicates the brazen use of the latter as a selling agent. The point at which specially manufactured and marketed toilet paper began to be commonly used is unclear. The subject appears to have even been judged too vulgar to be dealt with in one of the many books on plumbing and sanitation.

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