This rosette is a souvenir of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York's visit to Ballarat in 1901.

The opening of the Australian Parliament was an occasion for great celebrations in Victoria. Ten days of festivities (from 6-16 May) were planned to mark the Federation of the new nation and honour the Royal visitors, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. The city of Melbourne was transformed with decorations - flags, bunting, colourful lights and festive arches - and a series of public events were held, including a military tattoo, several street parades and a visit to Ballarat where similar decorations were put up to mark the occasion.

Physical Description

The rosette comprises a round red and blue rosette with a wide cream ribbon attached. The rosette is made from flattened loops of silk ribbon of varying lengths sewn onto a stiff, round piece of netting. The ribbon's thin end is sewn onto a metal safety pin which is sewn simultaneously onto the netting. The ribbon's front side is inscribed.

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