Alternative Name(s): Badge, Button

Small bronze medal made by Stokes and Son. Issued to Australian schoolchildren in 1919 at the end of World War I. It features a figure of Victory on the obverse and a soldier and a sailor with a crown and a laurel wreath on the reverse.
Medals such as this were issued to all schoolchildren in Australia as part of the postwar Peace celebrations in 1919.

Physical Description

Small bronze medal. The obverse has a figure of Victory, a female figure with flowing robes and hair, with doves flying around her head; there are two supine figures at her feet, and they appear to be breaking the chains of war. The reverse depicts a soldier and a sailor with a crown and laurel wreath. The laurel wreath encloses the inscription. The figures stand near a scroll. There is a small metal loop at the top of the medal to allow it to be attached to a ribbon or hung on a chain.

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