Pair of fawn wool socks, hand-knitted on four needles, with no seams. Made by Mrs Violet Wilson.

Violet was a very competant craftswoman who experimented with many different types of handcrafts and took pleasure in exhibiting her work at agricultural shows throughout Australia. For many years Violet set aside two hours every afternoon except Sunday, from 2-4pm to do her work. She would wash her hands, put her spectacles on and sit down to work. She sat in a corner of the living room near a window and worked there. Knitting and wool tapestries were done in the evening by the light of an Aladdin lamp.

Violet had particular success at shows with three pairs of men's socks knitted in 2 ply wool with number 18 needles. These were so fine they needed a note attached in the 1960s to assure judges they were hand knitted for some were mistaking them for machine knitting. This pair had won 50 first prizes and 15 seconds before World War II but unfortunately details of those awards are not now available.

Physical Description

Prize-winning man's fawn coloured wool socks, hand knitted on four needles, with no seams. Ribbed top; stocking stitch for calf and foot.

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