Piece of woven fabric, using traditional Latvian patterns from the Zemgale region. Woven by Anna Apinis, circa 1970 on a hand made draw loom using 17 shafts. It was made for her daughter as part of a Latvian national costume when her daughter finished Latvian high school. The loom on which this fabric was woven was made for Anna by fellow survivors of World War II, in Memmingen, a displaced persons camp in Germany with wood scavenged from bombed-out ruins. It was designed by Anna's husband Ervins. Anna used the loom to weave traditional Latvian designs using threads gathered by unravelling old scraps of fabric. Anna brought the loom with her to Australia and continued to weave Latvian designs on it.

Physical Description

Blue handwoven fabric featuring a woven pattern of stylized geometric star motifs in yellow, blue and green. The fabric has been pleated such that only the yellow stars are visible until the fabric moves, revealing the other patterns.

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