Alternative Name(s): Jug 1888 Centenary Exhibition

Porcelain souvenir jug, made in England, circa 1888. This jug was produced as a souvenir of the centenary of white settlement of Australia and to commemorate the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition, 1888. The imagery is still English and the suggestion is even that Australia is simply new England.

Physical Description

Porcelain souvenir jug. The jug's ground is off-white inside the container, while the outside is yellow. Around the base and pouring lid of the vessel gold has been applied. The insignia on the front of the jug contains an unusual version of the Australian Coat of Arms in the foreground, a colonial landscape, image of shaking hands, and the sunset in the background.These images are flanked on either side floral arrangements and an unusual version of the English flag in which the Cross of St. Patrick is missing. The handle of the jug is missing

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