Carved wood panel, made by Eva Schubert, 1996. It depicts the artist's life in bas-relief. Eva Schubert was born in the northern German part of the former Czechoslovakia in 1922. After a time as refugees in post war Europe she and her husband lived in Bavaria until immigrating to Australia in 1955. It was there that Eva first began to carve, learning from her husband who was a wood worker who had trained under a master craftsman. After her husband died she took over the business and increasingly developed her own style.

Physical Description

This carved wood panel depicts the artist's life in bas-relief. The work is read from the bottom left hand corner and begins in the 1922-1945 period with children playing, woods, singing, fish in the river, then up to a displacement scene of refugees dated 1945 and onto a town scene dated 1945-1955. 1955 is the date on a ship on the ocean and the top part of the carving shows Melbourne, eucalyptus, parrots, kangaroos, swagman, sheep and the sun. The work is coloured subtlety in wood stains with some gold work. The panel is made from two lengths of timber adhered together. The artist has signed the work along the bottom edge.

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