Booklet titled 'Talking Points on Australia', issued by the Australian National Travel Association and published by John Sands Pty. Ltd. Sydney, circa 1936. This booklet provides information about Australia to epitomise the outstanding fundamental facts of the fifth continent thus promoting an understanding of the diversity and commonality of Australian society. Although primarily its appeal is to the Australian going abroad, and to the visitor returning home, it relates to the other literature which provides information about Australia and promotes it as a destination for tourists and immigrants.

Physical Description

Small, single stapled, spine bound booklet, printed black and red on aqua coloured card. Front cover depicts image of Australian coastline with red text running through it on a 45" angle. Below this is three registers of black printed text. The rear cover similarly has black printed text. The inside of the booklet is black text printed on light green paper with a small number of black and white photographs.

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