Jakas Soft Toys 1994-95 catalogue. The catalogue shows colour images of the various soft toys available with descriptions of Name, Size, Colour, Fabric and what is included with each toy.

Jakas Soft Toys was a Melbourne-based company which designed and manufactured genuine high quality soft toys from 1956. Their range included teddy bears, golliwogs, animals and birds.

Jakas Soft Toys ceased production in the late 1990s outlasting many local toy manufacturers competing with cheaper overseas imports.

Physical Description

This catalogue was designed as a three panel fold-out catalogue showing six pages. Please note that one of the three panels of this copy of the catalogue has been removed. This catalogue only shows 4 pages of the original 6-page fold-out catalogue. The cover has an image of the 'Scruffy' limited edition mohair teddy bear 'hiding' in foliage with his rucksack, with the 'Australian Made' logo and the Jakas Soft Toys logo printed along the bottom of the page. Please see other copy for the full display of this catalogue (Registration number SH 000694).

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