These dais steps were used at the opening of the First Commonwealth Parliament of Australia at the Exhibition Building, Carlton, on 9 May 1901. They led up to the official podium, upon which the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York and the Earl and Countess of Hopetoun stood. The steps have traces of brown paint on them, but for Federation, they were covered in carpet.

After Federation, the steps were souvenired by the carpenter who built the dais and steps for the Opening of Federal Parliament, John Westwood. He installed them at the rear of his home in Ascot Vale. In 1936 this house was sold to the Camp family; in contrast to their original purpose, the re-located steps became the Camp children's main entrance into the house. A visit to the Camp family by John Westwood's grandson brought the original use of the steps to light, so when the house was sold by the Camp family in the late 1990s, the steps were removed and donated to Museum Victoria.

Physical Description

Four steps, with solid side supports. The sides have been painted brown, as have the uprights and borders of each step. Strips of non-slip fabric line the front edge of each step.

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