This digital photograph depicts couple Kath Brackett and Anissa Thompson embracing in the moments after getting married at home on their front lawn during the State of Victoria's first COVID-19 lockdowns and associated 'stay at home' restrictions.

In June 2020, Kath and Anissa wrote a short essay reflecting on their experience of getting married in lockdown, at a time when large wedding ceremonies were not permitted due to social distancing laws:

'This photo was taken on the day of our wedding, Saturday 23rd May 2020. We were planning a much larger celebration on this date as the day itself was very important to us, being 20 years together on this date. With plans well underway for a decent sized party, all plans came to an abrupt halt with COVID-19 emerging and changing everyone's way of living and being in the world immediately. It happened overnight. It all changed.

We decided to go ahead and get married as it was important, with the recent changes in law (2017) making it now legal. And celebrating 20 years was a big milestone too. Anissa was more than happy to go ahead with a small intimate group. Kath wanted a bigger party, but realised COVID-19 was lurking around. Our sons helped us celebrate on the day. They are 17 and 13. We had a great day, and we are so pleased we went ahead when we did, as things only got worse with the pandemic after our wedding.'

This photograph was taken by Melbourne-based photographer Julie Ewing as part of her 'Across the Fence' photographic series. This series documents life in Melbourne's Darebin region during the first COVID-19 lockdowns that began in Victoria on 14 March 2020. Julie photographed 120 households and 60 businesses during March to May 2020, and this digital photograph is one of 24 images that were acquired into Museum Victoria's Collecting the Curve Collection. These photographs provide a lasting reminder of how neighbourhoods and households in Melbourne were impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic, as well as the unique ways through which individuals and communities adapted their lives and found new routines, traditions and ways of supporting one another.

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